One year has passed since the outbreak of COVID-19 and it is not known when it will end, just knowing that it will take a long time. Razer, a popular technology company, has also turned to a new project, the Smart Mask. They also produce consumer goods and sponsor countries needed in the Razer for life project. This time, they go deeper into the project of a smart mass product called Project Hazel. Smart mask for safety The mask is made of high quality material, comfortable and comes in different sizes. Especially modern ventilation system that helps with breathing.
With its sleek design, Razer has developed a versatile model and sophisticated design that combines:
• Trendy box
• Available in White and Black
Equipped with RGB LED light that can be charged via UV light
• Automatic RGB LED light, it glows in the dark

Here is a video showing Razer: Project Hazel