Razer has announced a new wireless gaming headset called the Barracuda X that can be used on almost any platform, including the Nintendo Switch, PS5, PC and Android phones. Razer also claims that every transition from one platform to another can still run smoothly due to its HyperSpeed ​​Wireless USB-C Dongle. The Barracuda X does not connect to other devices via Bluetooth, as it relies on the USB-C Dongle mentioned above, but Razer also offers a wide range of connectivity options. With other devices via cable with a normal 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as USB-C to USB-A cable can be used for non-USB-C devices such as older computers or when the Nintendo Switch is connected. With Dock and so on. Its appearance is similar to that of the Razer Opus, only with some changes, such as the use of earplugs as a fabric, not leather. The Barracuda X comes with Razer’s 40mm custom driver, and the company claims that its wireless headset is suitable for both gaming and music listening. The headphones do not have a sound absorber, as Razer has provided an external sound absorber instead, so we can attach it to the headset or remove it when not in use. The Barracuda X headset also comes with Surround Sound technology when paired with a Windows 10 64-bit PC. Well, for those who are interested, consider it, with Razer offering it on its own website for a whopping $ 100.