As promised in 2020, PUBG has promised to revise the map and release a new project for 2021. Now, the information from that project has revealed that PUBG will update the old map. Like Sanhok, we call it Remaster in that project, so far PUBG has officially announced that it is getting ready to remaster Miramar.

Mirama modifications will not be much, just make it look better and brighter, especially on the live graphics. In addition to modifying old maps, PUBG plans to release two new maps below. Code Name: One Tiger and another KiKi. Below is the project map

Code Name: Tiger

Code Name: KiKi

Both new maps are in the works and will be 8×8, which is a larger map, and will be available from late 2021 for Tiger in early 2021 for KiKi.