The new game PUBG: New State has been officially announced as a Free game scheduled to be released on Android and iOS as well as the popular PUBG Mobile game today. The new game will be officially available for download on both iOS and Android from November 11, while it is currently being pre-ordered or pre-registered on the App Store and Play Store.

PUBG: New State is a new Battle Royale game for mobile and the first PUBG game on this platform, developed by the original PUBG game developers, PUBG Studio. While PUBG Mobile is currently available, it was developed by Tencent Games.

Aspects in the new game PUBG: New State is set to 2051, so players will feel like it looks like the future, in fact, there are also new features, including customizing various weapons. As well as having a drone in the game.

Similar to today’s PUBG games, PUBG: New State will focus on multiplayer matches, with up to 100 players participating in a single map, and one player or team surviving longer. He will be the winner. The game will have four maps to play, including Erangel maps, and in addition, PUBG Studio has promised to drop updates to include new content in the game on a regular basis.