The newest significant addition to PUBG Mobile is not a new weapon, map, or crossover, but rather a whole music label created specifically for the game. Although the name of the new label, “Beat Drop,” is an undoubtedly creative pun, we are still unsure of what it will truly entail for artists or players.

Large live service games are increasingly enticing people to join by playing music in-game. The K-pop girl trio Blackpink performed at the first virtual concert sponsored by PUBG Mobile this year. Concerts by performers like Royal Blood and Lil Nas X have been held at Roblox. Known for its extravagant in-game performances starring celebrities like Marshmello and Ariana Grande, Fortnite even allows you to listen to actual music when you get in the car and turn on the radio. Riot Games has virtual bands for League of Legends, and I recently discovered that PUBG Mobile has one named Power4 as well. In-game music tie-ins aren’t simply limited to concerts.

The PUBG Mobile press team made some ambiguous assurances in an email, but it’s still unclear precisely how Beat Drop’s music would be included into the game. In the email, it is said that the new PUBG Mobile music label “aims to put a spotlight on incredible up-and-coming musicians throughout the world, compose industry defining tunes with renowned icons, and give players with epic songs to heighten their PUBG Mobile experience.”

The Beat Drop moniker “evokes sensations of the heart-pumping conclusion of an EDM song,” according to the email, therefore the label’s music may mostly be EDM. The Beat Drop announcement video has a very strong EDM flavor about it.

I’ve enquired about the artists signed to Beat Drop’s roster and the game’s music integration in greater detail. Mariana BO debuted a remix for the label on Tuesday. You may watch it for yourself to form your own opinion. It’s not really my thing, and I’m not sure why it required an almost ten-minute music video.

We could be hearing more from Beat Drop soon as the press email also mentions that a “new theme tune” will be released on December 30.

Since PUBG Mobile has become so popular—it exceeded 1 billion downloads in March 2021—a lot of people could wind up hearing Beat Drop’s music. If it is a success, perhaps more live service games will start their own record labels. Epic Games, the firm that created Fortnite, is likely to pay careful attention to this development; after all, the corporation just entered the music industry with the acquisition of Bandcamp.