The release of Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO in theaters all around the world coincides with the announcement of a brand-new partnership between PUBG Mobile and the renowned anime series Dragon Ball. One of the most popular mobile games worldwide is PUBG Mobile.

The partnership was revealed on the social media channels for PUBG Mobile. In the release, the cooperation is just mentioned as “coming soon” in 2023. There were no other details offered. The news post also includes an advertising for the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which was screened in theaters all around the world in August and September 2022.

Recently, Dragon Ball and Fornite, another combat royale, completed a separate cooperation. In-game cosmetics, emotes, quests, and of course the usable Kamehameha were all introduced as a result of this cooperation. A reproduction of Kame Island where players might barter with Bulma for potent commodities was also featured.

This PUBG Mobile Dragon Ball collaboration will bring the characters that multiple generations have grown up loving

The Red Ribbon Army was once routed by Son Goku. Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, the ultimate Androids, were created by those who preserve their spirit. These two Androids call themselves Super Heroes. They start attacking Gohan and Piccolo. What is the New Red Ribbon Army’s mission? You need to wake up now, Super Hero, for danger is approaching!