The last two years have seen an increase in the use of entertainment as well as gaming due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, which has forced many people to stay home safely. Games or socialization is the first choice to get rid of boredom by many users.

In the most recent third quarter, SensorTower researchers and forecasters found that the number of users decreased slightly, but the amount of revenue that software and game companies saw increased. Remarkable. For smartphone users during the third quarter, they spent a total of $ 33.6 billion on apps and games on the Play Store and App Store, In-app Purchases and Subscriptions. This is a high growth of about 15.1% compared to last year.

In terms of games alone, the combined total spend is 7.7%, bringing the total revenue from gaming on both the App Store and Play Store to $ 22.4 billion. . Most of the revenue came from the Play Store, which was $ 13.1 billion, while the App Store was $ 9.3 billion.

The highest-grossing game is definitely PUBG Mobile, which ranks No. 2 in the App Store and No. 7 in the Play Store.