EA has already revealed some of the new generation of FIFA 22, and now Konami, the maker of PES games, has also released a new generation of football games, but this time not called PES or Pro Evolution Soccer. No more, completely switched to eFootball.

Not only did the name change, but Konami redesigned the game using the Unreal Engine, and a major improvement in the game’s graphics was the introduction of new Motion Matching technology. The players in the game are more like real human movement than ever before. Make no mistake, this time it’s a Free-To-Play game, which means we can download it for free on all platforms, including game consoles and PCs. Since it has been switched to Free-To-Play, players will definitely receive the latest update when the game is officially released and will require a fee when purchasing in-game items.

According to Konami, only Local Matches will be available for free from FC Barcelona, ​​Juventus, FC Bayern, Manchester United and others, while Game Modes are fully functional. Instead, it will be sold as an additional download option, which is to give players the option of any experience they want (Konami claims).

The new eFootball game will be officially released in early fall, which may be in September, during which time we will get access to modes such as Team Building Mode, Online Leagues as well as Match Pass System. The stem that will give players various prizes as well as players after the game.

Konami will then be able to launch cross-platform gaming between gaming consoles and PCs, after which it will be available on all platforms, including consoles, PCs and smartphones. Also started to open eFooball on Mobile supported with the same gaming console.