Although Apex Legends Mobile’s Hyperbeat Season 2.5 was just recently made available, leakers appear to be one season ahead of everyone else. We learned that the Chinese version of Apex Legends Mobile is presently being tested on the map Olympus thanks to some leaked screenshots. Olympus, a fan favorite map in Apex Legends’ PC version that has vast space and tranquil surroundings, is anticipated to be in the game’s mobile version during the upcoming season.

Olympus map could be arriving in Apex Legends Mobile Season 3

According to the photographs shared by ThatOneGamingBot on Twitter, it is almost certain that Olympus will return for the upcoming season. The image, which depicts a player’s perspective from the Olympus map, is noteworthy for its quality, which is quite high for a mobile game.

Additionally, the photographs below show the whole map as viewed from the dropship. One must acknowledge that this is among the most stunning sceneries that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. Players can travel the map quickly by using the vehicle Trident, which is only available on Olympus.

Unfortunately, the car has not yet leaked. Notably, all of the map leaks were discovered in the Apex Legends Mobile Chinese edition and are currently unavailable elsewhere.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 could introduce a new weapon, Rampage

In addition to the article’s main point, it is revealed that Apex Legends Mobile will have a new LMG. Rampage LMG, a new weapon that was first shown in Apex Legends for the PC, will be making its way to the mobile World in the game’s upcoming season. The weapon appears to have a unique mechanism in the PC edition.

It is one of the game’s most lethal weapons because to the Thermite Grenades it utilizes to charge itself and enhance its fire rate by 30% for 90 seconds. The same mechanism could be too powerful for the mobile version, therefore it’s unclear if it will be included.