Apple recently sent a message to developers that they are taking action on apps that missed their long-running updates in the App Store. Apple warns that apps will be removed from the App Store if developers do not update their apps to Apple settings.

According to several developer posts, Apple has sent a message to app developers titled App Store Improvement Notice. The message states that Apple will remove apps from developers who have missed their app updates for years from the App Store and give developers only 30 days to submit a new version of their app. They.

With this new move, many developers are unhappy because Apple is threatening, as well as removing their apps from the App Store due to not updating for 2 years, and some missed the update for longer. The reason is that the program is out of date, even if the program or game is still fully operational. Apple did not specify whether the inclusion of apps as obsolete was based on how long the app missed the update as of the last update, or whether there were concerns about support for those apps. On the latest version of iOS update.