PUBG Mobile recently announced a new update to its PUBG Mobile 1.5, which has undergone a number of major improvements, especially in collaboration with Tesla. In collaboration with Tesla, the game gets one more Tesla Model Y, as well as an update to the Gigafactory factory. Players can find the new Tesla Model Y. Available in the Erangel area, and what is special about this car in the PUBG game is that it also includes a function that allows players to set the Model Y to drive automatically or enable the Autopilot function for highways (similar to the function Autopilot on a real Tesla). In addition, in the Erangel area, players can also find Tesla’s factory called Gigafactory, which also allows players to create their own Tesla Model Y. Not only that, but there are also Tesla Semi trucks that will automatically drive around the map to drop off supplies when your car breaks down. The PUBG Mobile 1.5 update can be a big update without Not only did it add Tesla cars and factories, but it also received a facelift, new weapons, as well as a new flying motorcycle. However, even if you see the Tesla Roadster and Cybertruck pictured above, it is not yet available on PUBG Mobile.

In general, the new update in collaboration with Tesla is only for PUBG Mobile, while the general PUBG that runs on PCs as well as game consoles does not have this inclusion.