Louis Vuitton recently introduced its $ 2890 technology speaker, the Horizon Light Up Speaker. In addition, even the design is unique, it has a diamond-shaped shape, looks very attractive. Of course, the word Light Up on the Horizon Light Up Speaker is in the light circle in the circle with the Louis Vuitton logo. For Horizon Light Up Speaker, this is a mix of elements such as glass, stainless steel as well as high quality leather of Toupie bag and has up to 35 LED lights stuffed with a round Louis Vuitton logo and floating. On the whole body as well. It’s a masterpiece of fine art’s appeal, appealing in the classic and modern form, and if we look closely, it’s similar to the artifacts of an older spaceship.

According to Louis Vuitton, the idea behind the Horizon Light Up Speaker is to serve as a piece of art that can be displayed in the living room or any other place, especially for show. Speakers can also listen to the mood and atmosphere. The Horizon Light Up Speaker features a 3-inch subwoofer, a 0.75-inch tweeter, three microphones for voice calls and a 15-hour charge with a USB-C charging port.

For this speaker, it uses Bluetooth version 5.1 and can connect to music wirelessly via AirPlay 2, and these are what we saw from this speaker priced at $ 2890.

Louis Vuitton has made it possible for customers to pre-order the Horizon Light Up Speaker through their own Louis Vuitton website.