Netflix, popularly known as the movie streaming service, has taken it a step further. Netflix recently brought two games to be tested on their service via the Netflix app for Android. However, at the moment, only members living in Poland can take the test.

The two games that Netflix has just released are called Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3. To be able to play these two games, users must first download by clicking the Install Now button. Interestingly, when users click on the Install Now button, it will take them to the Google Play Store again to download the game to their device. So that means both games are not streaming from the Cloud. Users can also download both games directly from the Google Play Store, but require them to fill in the Netflix membership credentials.

However, Netflix has confirmed that this is just the first step, as they will expand their testing in the future. That includes testing the game on their service via the Netflix app on iOS. So let’s see if the future of Netflix will be as successful in gaming as any other big company.