One of the most well-known figures on the internet has said that he is prepared to invest in professional League of Legends, especially in the North American scene.

Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson announced at the pre-show for the upcoming 2022 League of Legends World Championship finals match between T1 and DRX that he plans to buy an LCS club soon. This comes after weeks of speculations about the content creator and his possibility to own a team in the area.

Azael questioned MrBeast on the analyst desk about buying an LCS team, and he said, “100%.” Mr. Beast clarified that he wants to do it correctly and at the appropriate moment because he wants to support a team that can reach the Worlds finals, something that no LCS team has ever been able to achieve.

Mr. Beast indicated that he might buy a team within the next one to two years, however he didn’t provide any further details. MrBeast appears to be in the planning stages of making this choice, therefore it is unknown whether he intends to buy an existing LCS squad or form his own team.

Earlier this year, MrBeast hosted a significant League match between him and Ninja that featured several well-known content producers, including Tyler1, Ludwig Ahgren, Emiru, Doublelift, and Tyler1. Mr. Beast has made no secret of his admiration for League and how well it has endured over the past ten years.

As of right present, no club who participated in the 2022 LCS season has withdrawn from the league ahead of the 2023 season. The majority of the teams, however, are anticipated to make significant squad changes over the summer as a result of their subpar domestic and international results throughout the year.