What is a Metaverse? Should we be worried or happy? These are all questions that most people are curious about because they could play an important role in the near future. Big companies like Facebook and Microsoft are starting to create Metaverse, an artificial world that allows us to access games like VRChat, but even more so.

Like Ready Player One and Sword Art Online, by the way Metaverse, you can create your own second life with VR (Virtual Reality) technology and play like real life. If VR devices become more sophisticated, then it will help make two people in different places feel like they are really close to each other. The Metaverse system is the future of the Internet or can replace the Internet, and the Metaverse system is not as monopolistic as the Internet today.

The reason why big companies are creating an artificial world is because it is a large percentage that will become an important part of our daily lives. Some people may not be satisfied with their real life and also want to create another artificial life to fulfill all those desires and so on. Any big company that can create a Metaverse first will get a better name and attract more attention.