Recently, the Facebook giant changed its name to Meta to better fit with future projects that it is trying to make a reality, that is, the project to create an artificial world has been Called the Metaverse. To speed up the project, Meta reportedly plans to open its own store to give people access to the Metaverse experience.

According to a new report originally reported by The New York Times, Facebook executives began coming up with ideas for setting up their own affiliate store last year. From the company being renamed Meta, the idea is about to come true. The report also states that the store will have a modern design and Meta wants its customers to feel more curious and closer when they step into their store.

So far, Meta has been considering some names for its store, while the name that is at the top of the list is Facebook Store, among others such as Facebook Hub, Facebook Commons, Facebook Innovations. , Facebook Reality Store and From Facebook as well.

The goal of opening this store is as stated above, because Meta wants its customers to experience the artificial world or Metaverse in the future. In the store, we can also expect that Oculus VR brand VR products will be launched for everyone to try, and this VR brand is also planning to change its name to Meta, for example, Oculus Quest will change to Meta. Quest coming soon.