Last month, at Connect 2021, Meta introduced the boundless potential of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology experiences, as well as new user opportunities. Connecting global businesses and businesses to globalization, including Cambodia.

The bottom line is that the Metaverse will take shape over the next 10 years with no immediate operation, and it will provide great opportunities for businesses large and small. We are moving towards the Metaverse with the same excitement as using a desktop computer and a mobile phone. The Internet on mobile has shown that when we have fair competition, we see an increase in revenue opportunities for everyone.

We will now share the basic knowledge for you to seize the opportunity as you prepare for the journey ahead. We hope that with this knowledge sharing you will be able to start developing, thinking and moving forward with us.
1. Focusing on 2D Apps Today as a Bridge to the Metaverse of the Future

We believe that Metaverse will be the biggest opportunity for modern business since the advent of the Internet. It is the latest development in Flash Digital and is the successor to today’s mobile internet. But as we have already seen some light of the future, we know that the first way we will experience the Metaverse in the short term will be through 2D Apps. This means that focusing on the skills you are using today is really important to help your business on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp grow, as these formats will become Fundamentals help expand your Metaverse business in the future.

During the Connect event, Meta presented several potential approaches to how Meta technology will play a significant role in the Metaverse. Here are some ways to visualize how 2D Apps will pave the way for a more vibrant experience of the future.

Business: With the growth of digital commerce, Metaverse will provide new opportunities for buyers and sellers to connect in new ways. You can imagine that your Instagram store will be more pop-up with the option of buying products in person or digitally, as we saw at Jackie Aina’s store during the Connect event.

Entertainment: You can now create online monetization events on Facebook, but imagine how you can do it by creating a Mixed-reality experience where we Can attend in person or buy tickets for virtual reality entertainment or not. We saw this reality during the Connect event when two friends were able to enjoy music together, one in person and the other in the metaverse.

2. Metaverse will enhance real-world communication experience

We are all living in a hybrid world between online and offline, especially in recent years, the world has been plagued by the Kovid-19 epidemic. From video calls to text messaging, we have this kind of communication ever stronger than ever. After all, Metaverse aims to make these communications easier and enhance the real-world communication experience.

Recent use of AR technology, including Spark AR, is a prime example of how Metaverse will build relationships in the real world. We have seen that businesses use AR technology to enable customers to store furniture virtually (Virtually) to their preferred location in their homes or use AR technology to get us to apply makeup or Instant glasses on their Facebook feed. Regardless of sector, there will be other technology systems for businesses that take advantage of real-world and fictional experiences as well as direct communication.

3. Metaverse will be designed and built together responsibly

No company will create a Metaverse alone. This creation will take place in a global partnership with businesses, programmers, policy makers, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.

From its inception, the Metaverse will be built with the framework and foundation of creating a space where everyone can participate and feel safe. Integrity, security and privacy are held in common, and we will work with experts in government, industry and education to explore all aspects and opportunities in the Metaverse.

So what can I do now as a business person? First of all, while the Metaverse is still in the future, always focus on the present.

Mobile Internet opens up new opportunities to create a personalized experience for those with business prospects. We believe that Metaverse will reverse this trend and that Meta’s technology will play a vital role.

But thanks to the advantages of mobile internet, business opportunities will depend on the behavior of consumers. Therefore, it is important to continue to build your business for today’s opportunity by innovating, experimenting and increasing your number of fans, whether on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger or WhatsApp, because communication The moment you build on these frames will now remain on the Metaverse. The most successful brands in the history of the business are constantly evolving and constantly updating with an understanding of the ever-changing needs of customers. You can step into the Metaverse world by creating new business channels on the Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop or by creating filters with Spark AR. You can try advertising with AR technology that helps customers find out more about your product from their own home.

Finally, if you have not watched the entire Connect 2021 event, you can watch the video recorded here.