Today, the collaboration between the open world doomsday survival Game “LifeAfter“ from NetEase Games and the well-known book “The Little Prince,” which has been translated into many languages, has begun.

“I’ll be here with you, till the end of this world” is the theme of the collaboration. The original fox-themed Pet Clothes, seven planets (furniture components), and the low poly-style Collaboration Outfit based on the character images of “The Little Prince” will all be accessible in the game during the collaboration!

Players can expect a variety of in-game events with plenty of rewards in addition to the collaboration items. Players can take advantage of events where they can get furnishings collaboration goods, a backpack, pet cosmetics, and permanent collaboration skins for free! Participate in the activities to receive the rewards!

LifeAfter x The Little Prince collaboration brings limited outfits and furniture to the game

Players can purchase the Little Fox Hat, a low poly outfit inspired by The Little Prince’s tale, and pet clothes with a fox theme during the event. Along with character otfits, cooperation furnishings, and decorations will be available. Ten different types of furnishings will be available, such as Cosmic Travel Guide, Flash Light, Star Flight, Dormant Rose Planet, and others. The Little Prince Figure and other figurines are available.

A fantastic new gift is brought to all players by this collaboration in addition to the furniture pieces! A free full museum blueprint is available from LifeAfter! LifeAfter created a unique memorial in Doomsday World called the Little Prince 80th Anniversary Memorial. To obtain the Memorial’s complete blueprint, simply login to the game and view it!