After three years with CLG, the League of Legends team is transitioning from longtime jungler Griffin. Formerly known as 23-year-old Wiggily, he joined the organization’s Academy team in 2018.

In his first season, Griffin helped the team finish with a respectable 11-7 record, good enough for third place in the 2018 Summer Split. CLG Academy went on to reach the NA Academy final where they lost to Svenskeren, Goldenglue and Cloud9.

He has since jumped from the Academy roster to the LCS lineup, but has not been able to strengthen his place on the main roster. He always shares playing time with players like Reignover and Moon before getting a full shot at the start of the 2019 LCS Summer Split.

But then the group ran into Cloud9, which featured Sneaky, Licorice, Nisqy and Svenskeren. They ended the series losing in four games and were pushed into the third game with Clutch Gaming, which they won.

It has been a difficult journey for Griffin since then with CLG finishing second in the next three seasons.