Red Alert 2 is an old game that was released a long time ago, but recently a browser allows us to play Red Alert 2 without having to download as before. In addition, you can play as a friend or play online.

Here are the computer power requirements of the game

. CPU: Intel Atom Z3700 + @ 1.33GHz (Intel Core i5 recommended)
. OS: 64-bit operating system (and web browser)
. Memory: 4GB (8GB recommended)
. GPU: Discrete graphics card (NVIDIA GTX800 or later series recommended)
. Display resolution: 1024 × 768 minimum
. Web browser: Latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge (Firefox NOT recommended for best performance / framerate)

Here is the website of Red Alert 2:

Here is a video showing how to play Red Alert 2 on a browser:

Note: You need to register first.