For months now, rumors have been circulating about a potential LEGO Fortnite crossover event. While we don’t know when that might be happening, it seems the crossover will also include some kind of LEGO sets based on the game. Fortnite leaker @ShiinaBR has shared images of a LEGO Fortnite Llama Polybag. The information originally came from a LEGO leaker on Instagram, and @ShiinaBR’s sources indicate that it, along with other Fortnite x LEGO products, will be arriving in 2024. @ShiinaBR also noted that this lines up with previous rumors they’ve heard suggesting LEGO content won’t arrive in the Fortnite game until after Season 5.

@ShiinaBR’s initial Tweet about the rumor can be found right here. A follow-up Tweet with a better picture of the LEGO Fortnite Llama Polybag can be found embedded below.

It should be noted that @ShiinaBR has proven to be an incredibly reliable leaker in the past, and there’s a reason they’ve amassed a large following on social media. However, readers are still advised to take this with a grain of salt pending an official announcement. Plans are constantly changing in the video game industry, and that has proven especially true when it comes to Fortnite; that said, these LEGO rumors have been going on since at least January of this year. With this much smoke, there’s bound to be fire, but fans should keep their expectations in check until we hear official word from LEGO and Epic Games.

LEGO Video Game Sets

Over the last few years, LEGO has been making a big push into the world of video games, with a number of sets based on popular gaming franchises. There has been a plethora of sets based on Super Mario, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog, Minecraft, and more. Given the sheer popularity of Fortnite, it’s a wonder it’s taken this long, but hopefully the wait will be worth it. The idea of timing new physical toy sets with LEGO-themed content in Fortnite would be really smart. Unfortunately, we have no idea how many sets there might be, or what to expect. Even if it does send up just being the Llama Polybag, that might be good enough for some fans!