One player on the Rift has added another another honor to his vast list of achievements, despite the League of Legends World Championship series between Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid to choose the last LCS representative still ongoing.

Impact, a veteran of Evil Geniuses, is now the second top laner in LCS history to receive a Pentakill. With a little assistance from Vulcan’s Bard, who set up the Liquid players for his top laner—playing Gangplank in the clash—to shoot his rivals down, he won game four of the lower-bracket series with a five-kill victory.

Impact’s Pentakill today was his first in the LCS, although he had previously completed the feat with SKT T1 nearly ten years prior in the LCK on the same champion. Impact’s build at the time was more tank-oriented, making his lack of attention to damage make the LCK Pentakill all the more satisfying.

Huni, who recently announced his retirement from professional League of Legends and the end of his tenure on TSM, is the only other top laner to have obtained a Pentakill in LCS history.

Huni is at the top of this unique leaderboard because to his two Pentakills in his career, one on Quinn and the other on Ekko.

In a lower-bracket playoff series versus Liquid, Impact is now competing with the other members of EG in a crucial game five encounter.

The defending LCS champions would be the last team from the LCS to compete at Worlds if they defeated TL, although they would progress to the lower bracket finals on Saturday in Chicago.