Fnatic, a club that has backed Hylissang in the past, has extended his two-year contract with the League of Legends until the end of 2023. This news comes shortly before Fnatic
Start their journey to their Worlds 2021 tournament in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Hylissang joined Fnatic in December 2017 after nearly four years at Unicorns of Love. When he was with Fnatic he won two European LCS titles (now LEC).
And appeared in the 2018 Worlds final against Invictus Gaming’s final champion.

Fnatic is ranked No. 5 in the 2021 LEC Spring Split regular season, Spring Split playoffs, and Summer Split regular season. But they reached the final
In the Summer Split qualifiers, defeating the MAD Lions 3-1.

Hylissang and members will return when the 2021 Worlds Championship kicks off on October 5.