In early July 2021, Google announced that from August onwards, they will no longer recognize APK files on the Play Store for any new applications or games that want to be included in There. Therefore, some people are worried that HarmonyOS will not be able to use new applications because Google switched to a new AAB file (Android App Bundles), but was rejected by Huawei. Huawei’s chief software officer Wang Chenglu recently told the Global Times that once Google switched to AAB files, HarmonyOS would be able to support the installation. That’s because HarmonyOS has Atomic Service technology that is similar to Google’s AAB, allowing developers to turn applications or games into normal applications. This means that in order to be able to install AAB files on HarmonyOS, all developers of new software or games need to take the next step. The other solution is to create both an AAB file and an APK file in the near future to be able to use both Google Services and HarmonyOS devices.