Even though the Overwatch League trade deadline was on August 18, some deals have undoubtedly been waiting to be announced by teams over the weekend.

An announcement on August 22 said that the Houston Outlaws had unexpectedly traded flex support Kim “lr1s” Seung-hyun to the Seoul Dynasty. Kim “Creative” Young-wan, a flex supporter who will be moving to the Outlaws to complete the trade cycle, was then let go by Seoul.

With a series of visuals, Seoul announced the relocation and said the team would be “sending Creative off to his new home.” Houston later revealed that Creative will be a part of their team for the remainder of the 2022 campaign.

After being released by the Atlanta Reign in late 2021, lr1s signed with the Outlaws as a free agent. He played alongside fellow flex support Mun “Lastro” Jungwon for the most of the 2022 season as Lastro acquired primary support heroes to meet the team’s requirements.


The Outlaws no longer need that kind of adaptability from their Zenyatta or Ana specialists thanks to the recent pickups of tank Tomas “Doge” Kongsre and primary support Joseph “Lep” Cambriani. Along with Lastro, Creative can now provide Houston with more alternatives.

Lr1s will join Park “Vindaim” Jun-woo on the support line for Seoul. Longtime Dynasty DPS Park “Profit” Joon-yeong filled in to play Brigitte on the backline over the weekend. While the Dynasty gained two victories as a result of the move, lr1s will provide a more dependable defense against rapidly shifting metas.

The Los Angeles Valiant will be Seoul’s opponent in its following game on August 26 at 6:30 CT.