Apple’s annual WWDC event will run from 12pm tonight in our country until June 10th, and at that event, a percentage of the major new software releases will be announced, including There may be some hardware as well.

So in this article we will take a look at what Apple may announce at WWDC 2022:

+ Software:

iOS 16: No different every year, the next generation of iOS is highly anticipated to appear at WWDC 2022, and at the same time, it is expected that it will get a different version of the Lock Screen. , Enhanced Notifications, Updated to the original Apple app, as well as some new features made for the iPhone 14 Pro may include Always-on Display.
iPadOS 16: Apple is expected to make a lot of changes to the actual usage, this time it may be more similar to using macOS than iOS.
macOS 13: Also has a high percentage of the same appearance, but so far there is not much news that knows about the changes in this new version, in fact, what has been heard is that Apple may be updated a lot. Its original application.
In addition, watchOS 9, as well as tvOS 16, all have high hopes of coming out at Apple events, but it may not be much different from the previous generation.

+ Hardware:

MacBook Air: This is the hardware with the highest percentage of attendance at WWDC 2022, and according to previous leaks as well as recent news, the MacBook Air may get a completely new design, this time may be cut. Find a larger 14-inch MacBook Pro and it also comes with a MagSafe charging port.
Mac Pro: If you have not forgotten, at the event in March, Apple made it clear that the switch to a custom chip in its line of Mac computers from Intel is almost complete, and obviously there is more to come. Only another Mac Pro, so launching a Mac Pro at WWDC is also possible.
There have also been rumors of Apple’s AR and VR devices coming out, but according to the latest rumors, the percentage may not be as high at WWDC, with Apple likely to announce it next year.

However, to be clear about the above products, as well as other products may be released, we can only wait to see all Apple events, starting from tonight.