Recently, cybercriminals hacked and stole data from the world’s largest video game maker, Electronic Arts, including source code for popular games such as The Sims, Battlefield and some more classic games. According to an EA spokesperson, the source code for some of the games and the tools associated with the games have been hacked. However, an EA spokesperson added that none of its gamers’ data had been stolen and that they claimed that hacking by cybercriminals would not pose a threat. To the privacy of its gamers. It was not immediately clear when the incident took place, and according to a cybersecurity expert who shared a link to the Dark Website, a site where criminals were selling stolen data from EA. That.

According to a live hacker report on the Dark Web, all the stolen data is approximately 780GB, including the complete source code for FIFA 21, as well as the source code for EA’s Game Engine FrostBite. Live and includes some of the core software components to make all of EA’s games fully functional as well. It should be noted that the action that happened to the game maker EA is not uncommon for the first time. At that time, criminals stole the source code of many of their major games, including The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077.

After the incident, EA also confirmed that they will further strengthen the security and do not expect the hacking to affect the game and their business. The company also confirmed that it is actively working with law enforcement officers and other experts to investigate the perpetrators.