When the PlayStation 5 was announced last year, most fans were expecting to see more GTA 6 games, but unfortunately Rockstar Games announced a new GTA 5 update. Until recently, there were also rumors that GTA 6 was in the modern Vice City, with a release date likely to be around 2025.

In fact, it has been more than eight years since Rockstar Games launched GTA 5, from PS3 / Xbox 360 to Xbox One / PS4 and now PS5 / Xbox Series X. The latest leak was shared by the well-known Tom Henderson via a new video on his own YouTube channel.

He suggested that the Map on GTA 6 not only expands after the player completes each session, but also allows the building to move to a new location. For example, a place used to be a clothing store, but may turn into a gun shop as players get more and more cross-sections.