Sure, many PC gamers are interested in the exclusive games that Sony releases on the Play Station, so this game maker has released some of its most popular games to give PC users a chance. Play the same as well as to increase their income.

So far, Sony has released three major games for download on Steam, including Horizon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and most recently, God of War, which was released on January 14 a few days ago. You. All three major games have been very successful, but the latest God of War has broken Sony’s record with Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, not only gaining more players simultaneously. Both get a high rate.

After launching on Steam, God of War attracted 73,529 simultaneous players, a figure that surpassed Horizon Zero Dawn (56,557 simultaneous players). And Days Gone (used to get 27,450 simultaneous players) quickly.

As for the live player rating on Steam, God of War also broke Sony’s old record, apparently receiving a rate of 97% based on the number of 9,095 ratings. Compared to Horizon Zero Dawn, the rate of 84% is still a high score, while Days Gone is even higher, which is up to 91%.