PUBG game maker Krafton has filed a lawsuit against Apple and Google alleging that both companies refused to delete their game without permission from the App Store and Play Store. PUBG has also sued Garena over its production of PUBG clone games Free Fire and Free Fire Max.

Krafton also listed some key points that confirmed that Free Fire and Free Fire Max were copied from its PUBG games, including an individual copy as well as an actual combination, such as a copy of the Opening Air Drop feature. As a personal function of PUBG, copy the format and mode of play, as well as copy the weapon selection, location, colors in the game as well as Material and Textures.

Apple and Google have been accused of distributing millions of copies of PUBG’s Clone game, Free Fire, earning Garena hundreds of millions of dollars and helping Apple and Google increase revenue. Krafton estimates that Garena will reach $ 2 billion by 2020, of which $ 100 million will come from the United States.