According to VALORANT level creator Joe Lansford, certain alterations to the map Fracture will be made in a future release.

In a dev post published on August 25 and initially posted on TikTok, Lansford stated, “So, Fracture’s been out for over a year now.” Several adjustments are currently being worked on. The overarching theme is some broad modifications to the quality of life across the globe, which should make the A site more tenable. With so many entryways on the A site, it is incredibly difficult to protect the site as defenders or as attackers in a post-plant.

In order to make the dish region near the A site “more useful for assault and defense,” Lansford also suggested making some alterations there. Currently, it is difficult to manage the dish region close to A since, as soon as the barrier collapses, attackers and defenders may squeeze the attacking players. It’s dangerous for an attacker to advance and adopt an aggressive stance when there is minimal cover from which to retreat.

In addition to discussing the upcoming updates that players may anticipate, Lansford also gave a brief explanation of the design and concepts that went into making Fracture. Anyone who has played VALORANT will tell you that Fracture’s spawn and site arrangement is distinct from other maps, but Lansford details the design team’s objectives in great detail.

We wanted to turn neutral space on its head for Fracture, says Lansford. The area between each team’s half of the map is known as neutral space. Normally, it is the responsibility of the attackers to take up space, but [on Fracture], it is the responsibility of the defenders.

Fracture’s distinctive shape has led to a variety of agent formulations as well. Breach and Neon had general pick rates of about 3% during Episode Five, Act One, according to, but on Fracture, those percentages sharply climbed, notably for Breach at the upper ranks.

Lansford stated to keep an eye out for the Fracture improvements, but he did not give a specific release date.