With the forthcoming Season 1 named “Fumes on Fire,” Free Fire, one of the most well-known battle royale games, has made exhilarating modifications to its Battle Pass. The developers have scrapped the current Elite Pass in favor of the brand-new Battle Pass, Booyah Pass Season 1, which debuts in Free Fire on January 1st, 2023.

The list and specifics of tempting bonuses, features, and ultra-rare drops in the in-game calendar have also been made public by Free Fire.

Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 1: New features and rewards

With every Battle Pass players get their hands on amazing and rare items. The upcoming BP will also include an EXP-sharing feature, which will enable players to share or give BP EXP to their in-game mates. Here, we have listed some of the rare and exclusive rewards that will be handed to players with Booyah Pass season 1.

  • Tailor Bundle (For male characters)
  • Mischief Town Gloo Wall
  • Grenade – Mischief Town
  • Bang Bang Bundle (For female characters)
  • Pet Choice Crate ( a free pet of players’ choice)
  • Trogon Skin ( first-ever legendary skin for this weapon, available at level 150)
  • Ticking Bomb Loot Box
  • Evil Emoji Backpack

Players will have access to all the aforementioned awards from level 1 to level 150. Players who attain Level 150 will get recurring rewards, such as the extremely uncommon Elite Pass Bundle drop. Players may also automatically renew their subscriptions each season with the new Booyah Pass subscription-based scheme.

This new season pass also comes with additional prizes including bike skins, cosmetic sets, grenade skins, treasure box skins, and more. The cost of the Booyah Pass hasn’t been made public, but the creators have promised its player base a lower cost for the first-ever version.