FunPlus Phoenix is ​​recruiting Chinese players to compete in VALORANT, according to an official post on Weibo. FPX is looking for players who are at least 16 years old with at least A Radiant Rank in the game and prefer players with CS: GO or VALORANT experience. FPX now presents a list of European names, either CS: GO or VALORANT. In CS: GO received a roster from GODSENT in January and FPX immediately received a Danish roster from Heroic in less than a month.

Players in China can still play VALORANT using a VPN to play on Hong Kong servers. Some teams like Royal Never Give Up also have a Chinese roster, but they can not compete in any VCT tournaments. However, this has not stopped small tournament organizers in China from hosting personal events.

With the announcement of the search for Chinese players by FPX, the approval process may be coming to an end. While this raises the question of whether FPX will retain its European roster because of the potential multi-member group law, the release of VALORANT in China could be another major boost to Esports. .