For Christmas, the Epic Games Store is offering you a game with a Halloween theme. The most recent game, which is the third in its continuing offer of 15 free games in 15 days, is only available for download for free until tomorrow since it will be replaced with a different free game the next day. Having said that, once you’ve redeemed the promotion, the game is completely yours to keep and without any restrictions. You can only get a digital PC code because this is an offer through the Epic Games Store. Players of consoles are not offered anything here.

The game itself is Costume Quest 2, which Double Fine Productions released before being bought up by Xbox. Costume Quest 2 is a Halloween-themed RPG that was released in 2014 and is a follow-up to Costume Quest (2010). It received mixed reviews at the time of its release, but because it’s Double Fine and there aren’t many Halloween-themed games, it attracted a lot of attention given the game’s size, budget, and expected level of praise.

Games may succeed with players but fail with critics. This isn’t the best illustration of this, but it is one because the game has 87 percent favorable user ratings on Steam and has a rating of “Very Positive.”

The official description of the game says, “Trick or treat and pick a battle with wicked dental warriors in Costume Quest 2 the sweet sequel to Double Fine’s popular original, Costume Quest, that transformed fans of all ages into candy-obsessed crusaders.” “With a variety of new features and gameplay enhancements, this imaginative RPG adventure doubles the amount of wicked fun. Discover eerie time-traveling environments, put on charming new outfits that turn you into a strong Hallo-warrior, and gather even spookier Treat Cards to use in battle with an army of hygienic-obsessed enemies. Halloween can only be permanently saved by the brave twins Wren and Reynold!”