The London Spitfire had declared that all roster changes for the 2022 Overwatch League season had been completed. But even a strong squad won’t turn down a good offer when it comes around.

Emir “Kaan” Okumus, a former flex support for the Paris Eternals, will play the rest of the season with the London Spitfire, the team announced today.

Four of the Paris Eternal’s players were abruptly released earlier this week, allowing them to leave their contracts before the approaching Aug. 18 trade deadline. Then, like London did with Kaan, other Overwatch League clubs might sign players who were not under contract.

General Manager Ysabel “Noukky” Müller said Kaan will soon physically join the London Spitfire at their training facility in Los Angeles.

Even though Kaan didn’t have a great performance for the Paris Eternal during the 2021 season—a squad that has a 1-13 record—he was an important contributor to the team’s gradual development.

The London Spitfire spares some of its other players from having to fulfill numerous duties by taking Kaan on. On some game days, Jamie “Backbone” O’Neill, London’s flex DPS, has been doing double duty, alternating between his regular job and the flex support role as needed. Even though Backbone has a tough Zenyatta, Kaan can now fill that void, giving Backbone more time to concentrate on doing damage.

On August 20 at 2pm CT, the London Spitfire will play their following match against the Houston Outlaws.