Football fans are familiar with FIFA because it is one of the most popular sports games of all time, and EA has just unveiled the new generation of FIFA 22 via a video trailer. There are claims that points will be made better than the previous generation. Before getting to the point where it is revealed that will change, please confirm that Kylian Mbappé is still the player that EA chose to cover the new game, as in FIFA 21. The most important thing that EA claims will change is the introduction of new technology, HyperMotion, a technology that is claimed to help make the animation in the next generation of games more realistic. Before. The technology incorporated into FIFA 22 uses machine learning to create real-time animations that make the various flexions of the characters look more like real-human body movements. Also. HyperMotion also allows EA to capture the movements of famous players faster, thus making it easier for the above game companies to make the in-game players move more like real players. Sure. In addition, EA also revealed that they have made other changes, such as a complete overhaul of the Goalkeeper System, as well as a new experience of setting up a Club in Career Mode. FIFA 22 will be officially released on October 1 at the same time on all platforms. It will also be available on PS4, Xbox One, while FIFA 22 Legacy Edition will be available for the Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, EA is also open to anyone interested in pre-ordering on their official website as well, and for more important details regarding this new football game, EA will reveal more later.