Fans of Apex Legends have been quick to express their displeasure with Stickers, a brand-new category of cosmetics that will be included in the game in season 15.

The post “I have one question, why?” by user Hell Derpikky on Reddit, which merely includes a screen grab of Stickers, has gained a lot of attention. The new aesthetic, which will be accessible during the forthcoming season 15 of Apex, was revealed by the game’s creator Respawn Entertainment, who was apparently the target of the query. Each Sticker, which may be attached to players’ healing supplies, is regarded as an epic-rare item.

It’s obvious from the responses that players agree with Hell Derpikky’s satirical query. One commentator retorted, “To load the lootbox prizes with useless crap, why else?” and advanced the theory that Respawn was stuffing the game’s Apex packs with additional things to make it more difficult for players to obtain what they actually wanted. “I’d be fine for them if they were restricted to Event Trackers and the free Battle Pass. I feel the same way about holosprays and weapon charms. But to include them in the Apex Packs is a blatant money grab,” a different person added.

Unavoidably, references to the monetization scheme in Overwatch 2 were made. Harder to determine who is more greedy, them or Overwatch, commented one person, who finished their remark with a laughing emoji. In the recent weeks, Overwatch 2 has been under fire for its grind-heavy battle pass, exorbitant skin costs, and the impossibility of earning some skins through regular gaming.

It is unknown how frequently players will earn Stickers in Apex packs and events because Respawn has not provided any more information beyond their original release. Players won’t have to wait long to find out what happens next because Apex’s 15th season starts on November 1.