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The player hailed as the finest professional League of Legends has ever seen received yet another honor on this day.

T1’s mid laner Faker officially reached 100 games played across several Worlds as of today’s 2022 World Championship group stage match vs Cloud9, with 72 wins and 28 defeats.

This may just be another trophy for the three-time world champion to add to his collection, but it nevertheless represents another significant turning point in his almost ten-year career that no one else has yet to challenge.

As soon as the year started, many people thought Faker would have the chance to claim his fourth global title. T1 was unbeaten during the LCK Spring Split, losing just one game in the Playoffs before winning the Spring championship. This momentum continued into the Summer Split, when the competition in the area intensified, leading to the team’s Playoffs finish in second place.

Faker has once again played a key role in T1’s performance since the Global Championship this year began through the group stage only two days ago. Faker has defeated the defending world champions, EDG, despite suffering a shocking setback to the LEC’s Fnatic yesterday. Faker chose Akali in both games; according to Oracle’s Elixir, he has a 64 percent career win record with this champion. While this makes him suffer in the laning phase, it also makes him a threat in team fights.

At this year’s Worlds, Faker introduced Lissandra, providing various T1 players access to a few kills and serving as a significant source of engage for his team. Jensen, the player in his lane today, is third overall with 83 games played at Worlds, while Perkz of Team Vitality is second with 86 games played.

As group A completes its second round robin on Thursday, Faker’s seemingly interminable League career will continue. This will decide if T1 continues on course to win their fourth title or if they are once again caught off guard.