We have received many leaks about Facebook’s plans to launch smart glasses, but now it has been officially announced under the auspices of Ray Ban. .

The smart glasses above are called Ray Ban Stories, and if you look at them, they look a lot like ordinary glasses because they do not seem to be as big as some smart glasses that we have seen on the market in the past. On either side of the lens are two 5MP cameras, which allow it to capture 2592 x 1944 pixels and record video at 1184 x 1184 pixels at 30fps.

Users can connect it to a smartphone to transfer pictures or videos from the glasses back to the smartphone. Ray Ban Stories from Facebook and Ray Ban also come with two speakers on either side, along with three speakers.

Therefore, it also allows users to connect a smartphone to talk on the phone or use Facebook Assistance as well. However, these smart glasses are not equipped with Augmented Reality technology as leaked, so its glasses are nothing special, just ordinary glasses with no main function or display on it.

Facebook Assistance voice assistant on it allows users to control it to take pictures or video by voice, the user has to say “Hey Facebook, take a video”, it will record video through both cameras. However, to show consideration for the privacy of the people around you, the Ray Ban Stories glasses above have a white LED that will light up when the user is taking a photo or video.

Finally, the above glasses are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes to suit different users, and for the price they sell up to 1,190,000 riel or $ 299.