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Riot Games announced today that all competitors at the 2022 League of Legends World Championship have been given the go-ahead to participate live on the competition’s main stage on the second day of the competition.

Many players competed from separate rooms yesterday during the first day of Worlds in an effort to show caution over the spread of COVID-19. Before the competition began, a few of players gave positive test results, prompting teams to field segmented lineups on stage with some empty seats.

Despite having a positive test result, a person may compete over a LAN network if they are healthy enough to participate.

Due to support Hylissang’s inability to participate in either of Fnatic’s two games yesterday, a replacement had to be used. He will compete from the stage in today’s game, according to the team, who verified his comeback.

COVID’s delays caused the event’s already lengthy schedule of games yesterday to be extended. It took some players over an hour to organize their settings with the professionals who were participating at the location from a nearby hotel. Delays should be less frequent today with all players present at the Arena Esports Stadium in Mexico City for the games.

Fnatic and DetonatioN FocusMe will begin the second day of Worlds 2022 games at 3pm CT today.