The September 2022 selection is made available on the Epic Games Store, along with information on the freebies arriving the next week. Most users are aware that every Thursday at 10 AM CT, the Epic Games Store rotates its selection of free games. While there have occasionally been covert, unexpected releases each year, it is a wonderful method to maintain interest in the service when the announcement of the games for the following week coincides with the release of new titles.

Users of the Epic Games Store may now download and play the dungeon crawling game Gloomhaven and the dinosaur survival sandbox game Ark: Survival Evolved, respectively. There’s simply no arguing with the fact that these games are free when people devote hundreds of hours in them to discover all the material. Both games are simple to suggest, but if someone decides to skip or simply add them to their backlog, they should be informed that there will be more available on September 29 at 10 am CT as well.