Currently, the popular PC building simulator or PCBS game is being released for free download in the Epic Games Store, so those who are interested can come and download it when the opportunity arises. To.

This free download is not permanent, it will only run until October 17, so after the deadline it will be resold at the same price as before, $ 8 while in Steam sells for up to $ 20. The special feature of this game is that it allows players to set up their own computer as it really is, and it will also show the results of that installation for players to see in terms of capabilities as well as other issues. A computer was installed in the game.

This game is also useful for those who are learning to install or install a computer for the first time, before going to install a real computer, you can know more through this game, because each step is the same as the actual installation.

The special feature of this game is that players will always receive additional updates to get new hardware installations in addition to the previous hardware, including CPU, GPU, as well as computer tanks. Therefore, for those who are interested, you can download or place a order from the Epic Games Store, it is currently on sale for free.