After Apple removed the popular game Frtnite from Epic Games from the App Store on the grounds that it violated the rules in the App Store. The breach until Apple removed Fortnite was because Epic introduced a live in-game payment option to avoid a 30% deduction from Apple for every payment made by its gamers. This also helps users get a more affordable price).

Following the above dispute, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple, and their case lasted until September 10. However, the case was closed by the 10th day, with the overall result of the court ruling that Apple is the winner, but does not mean that they are completely successful, instead the giant must meet certain conditions. To be equal.

For the main benefit that Apple won the lawsuit, the court ordered Epic Games to pay 30% of its total revenue of more than $ 12 million from Fortnite in iOS between August 2020 and October 2020 and pay 30 % For revenue during November 2020 to Apple.

The decision on whether to reinstate Fortnite in the App Store or not is up to Apple. Despite Apple’s overall victory, there are downsides. The court ruled that Apple must open the app payment option directly to all developers, not just the App Store. Before. However, there are still many conditions from the US courts, but we only highlight these few points.

Following the trial, the CEO of Epic Games, as well as the founders, expressed dissatisfaction with the judge’s decision, arguing that the September 10 ruling was not a win-win for either developer. All as consumers or customers.