Anyone who has played Fortnite will know that Epic Games always brings the skins of Hollywood celebrities to Fortnite. In fact, Epic Games recently confirmed that they will be bringing the character of Asgard’s super god Loki to Fortnite in July 2021.

At the same time, Epic Games also confirmed to us that Loki will not be sold as usual, as Loki will be included in Fortnite Crew instead. Fortnite Screw is Fortnite’s monthly pay-as-you-go service, and players pay $ 12 for one month. In addition to being able to play the role of Loki, those who join the Fortnite Crew also get some other benefits. These include getting a V-buck and some exclusive Items, as well as a monthly Battle Pass package.

In addition, Epic Games has also confirmed that they will not be selling or giving away Loki characters for non-Fortnite Crew members. Therefore, in order to play Loki in Fortnite, players must be registered as a Fortnite Crew member.