The adage “creativity has no boundaries” is well known, and several examples have been provided to support it. A gamer who has created something original offered one such example. A fan of Clash of Clans published his 200+ hour-long artwork with every Town Hall in the game realistically recreated.

The renders of each Town Hall look amazingly fresh and realistic

A Reddit member with over 75K YouTube followers, u/Lenzch, uploaded some outstanding clips from the Town Halls in a Reddit post. He says it took around 200 hours to come up with this, but given the caliber of the renderings, we have to assume it may have taken much longer. He has covered every Town Hall that is present in the game, starting with Town Hall 1.

He started by designing Town Hall 1, which is by far the easiest to create, using a human model to get a sense of the scale. He replicated the initial town hall level for the subsequent ones, making the required substantial alterations. This process took two days.

On the third day of work, we concentrated on the materials and added 2D textures to a 3D model using the Substance Painter program. To make it seem genuine, he also had to add a lot of textures. The scenery, camera angles, and the final rendering process were all worked on during the final two working days.