DarkZero has been focusing on the Rainbow Six Siege since they acquired the former SK Gaming team in November 2018. According to sources, Don Kim, who is currently the CEO of Esports Operations at TSM, will be the new CEO of DarkZero.

Since leaving Harvard in 2016 after two years as a researcher, Don Kim has worked in Gaming and Esports. He started working as a partner in the mobile game competition platform and moved on to join TSM and his sister company Blitz as CEO at the end of 2018.

Kim will take over as CEO from Zach Matula, a private equity investor who previously worked as a trader at companies such as BP and the founder of DarkZero. The team is best known for winning the 10th season of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League in 2019, finishing second in the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League final in the same year. Outstanding victory in North America’s Rainbow Six Major in August 2020.