Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki will not be the organization’s starting AD carry for their League of Legends squad in 2023, Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson revealed today. Prior to this year’s World Championship, Danny took a vacation from professional League to work on improving his mental health. He hasn’t competed on a professional level since the 2022 LCS Summer Split playoffs.

LaPointe Jameson stated, “One of these adjustments is connected to our ADC role, which justifiably raises worries about the status of Danny. I’m delighted to report that he is still an Evil Genius and that we continue to support him, even though he won’t be beginning with us this split.

Danny will likely be replaced by former 100 Thieves ADC Victor “FBI” Huang, who was said to be in contact with the club earlier this week, even though he will still be on the roster for EG as a backup. In a subsequent tweet, LaPointe Jameson further hinted at the possibility of FBI being signed.

The actress remarked, “I can’t say much else for now, but I hope EG Fans are ready for next year because something insane is coming. In the tweet, “Fans,” “Because,” and “Incoming” are capitalized together to form the letters “FBI.”

The word “something” is also spelt with two “S”s and a “U” in that tweet, suggesting that the squad may be bringing in top laner Ssumday, another ex-100 Thieves member. When veteran top laner Impact became an unrestricted free agent earlier this week, EG decided not to re-sign him.

EG formally welcomed FBI to the squad after LaPointe Jameson’s teaser, confirming prior rumors.

Inspired, Jojopyun, and Vulcan, the jungle-mid-support three for EG who were all selected to the LCS’ inaugural All-Pro squad this past summer, are anticipated to stay. The only player on the All-Pro team who did not wear an EG shirt during the previous split was prospective EG top laner Ssumday.

Nov. 23, 5:22 p.m. CT, update: FBI was officially signed by the club for the 2023 LCS season, minutes after LaPointe Jameson hinted that he would be joining EG’s main lineup. To reflect the announcement, this article has been updated.