With the addition of AWPer Hkon “hallzerk” Fjaerli and the promotion of Paytyn “junior” Johnson to a backup position in preparation for a prospective move to a new team, Complexity has changed their starting CS:GO roster.

Following Dignitas’ departure from the professional CS:GO scene after joining with the core of the illustrious NiP lineup beginning in 2020, Hallzerk became a free agent this past month. Together with the renowned core of f0rest, friberg, GeT RiGhT, and Xizt, Hallzerk joined Dignitas. Before the year was over, GeT RiGhT and Xizt both left, and Dignitas as a whole failed to compete on a global scale despite switching out various talent from Norway and Sweden.

Approximately six to seven months after joining a North American roster at the beginning of the year, Junior has been moved from the starting roster to the inactive one for the second consecutive year. This comes after a six-month stint with FURIA in the first half of 2021 and a second one with Complexity in 2022.

After parting ways with its European lineup at the end of 2021, Complexity returned to the North American music industry at the start of this year. Their Danish athletes left for organizations like Astralis and NiP. JT, FaNg, and floppy from Extra Salt were acquired by Complexity, who also signed junior from the FURIA bench and Grim away from Team Liquid. The squad has also struggled internationally, with poor results at the PGL Antwerp Major, IEM Dallas and Cologne, and the ESL Pro League.

In the approaching month, Hallzerk will participate for Complexity at BLAST Premier Fall Groups and ESL Pro League Season 16.