In general, internet cafes in Asian countries are more prominent than anywhere else in the world. As in China and South Korea, this is a place created for the best gamers to make them champions of the games they play.

However, a crime took place at an internet cafe in Chongqing and has become a hot topic. According to a report on Baijiahao, the unnamed detainee was charged with involvement in a civil abuse case, but police did not arrest him.

This man is known as the number one player on the Ionia server. And Ionia server is the first server to be launched and is considered to be the best server because it is newly created and the features of the game in this server as well, so the ability of players to reach the rankings. Number one is irrational. The officer went to see the player above and immediately realized that it was the criminal he was looking for. He intended to make a phone call, but they detained the player, as shown in the CCTV video below.