Earlier in the day, Xiaomi officially announced one of its first smart glasses, called the Xiaomi Smart Glasses. Facebook just came out a little earlier.

Xiaomi’s smart glasses are capable of displaying notifications, displaying directions, maps, as well as translating text or making incoming and outgoing calls, and the results of these actions will be displayed on the right side of the screen. . Make no mistake, it is equipped with technology for displaying images on the glass, namely MicroLED, which we know that this technology has a higher brightness and longer life than OLED.

The glasses above use Arm’s 4-core chip and will run Android. Xiaomi says that its glasses are not only a second screen for smartphones, but also have the ability to work on their own in many ways.

The main tasks it can do are select the most important notifications to show users as well as select the most important messages in Contacts. For the Navigation function, it can display a map or show the direction on the mirror in front of our eyes directly. Xiaomi Smart Glasses also has a 5MP camera for taking photos or videos, as well as a small LED light for display when the camera is in use.

Even better, on the lens of the glasses will also show the phone number of the caller, and users can also make calls as well, because it has a speaker and a built-in speaker.